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What is RTMP or "streaming" playback? Below is a comparison of the same long video clip using Easy Web Video's progressive streaming (the top sample, or the "new" way) vs. regular HTTP playback (the bottom sample, or the "old" way). Click Play on both and see which one starts faster, and then try to jump ahead in each video using the player scroll bar to see which one allows you to jump ahead without waiting for the video to buffer.

Streaming Example:

Non-Streaming Example:

All-New Uploading Software

Easy Web Video just got...easier! After thousands of dollars and months of development we are so proud to unveil our new, completely revamped, uploading software. Don't let its simplicity fool you, this software is state-of-the-art!

Improved Video Analytics

A major overhaul to our video analytics section took place and was added to user accounts automatically. Yet another huge improvement to ensure you have the latest decision-making statistics at-a-glance and at your disposal (see where your video engagement is dropping off, and more).

Video Within Emails (Kind Of)

Although you can't embed an actual video inside an email, we figured the next best thing is to make it look like a video so it gets readers to click on the "video". After all, the point of sending a promotional email is to get the reader to click for more. We call this an "Email Click Magnet", and you can see an example of this here (it's an animated image of a video...that looks like a video).

Video Exit Popups

Exit popups are great. Video exit popups are greater. This generates so many more leads from people that are leaving your site anyway, it's a no-brainer.

YouTube Importing

Don't have a video, or want to use an existing video? You asked, we listened (as always). You can now easily enter your YouTube video ID and we will import it into your Easy Web Video account for you to add our interactive marketing elements to it (and remove the YouTube ads).

Track Your Advertisements

This is kind of an advanced feature, although it is very easy to use. If you are running Facebook ads, for example, and have some ad tracking code, you can easily add it to your video within the Easy Web Video interface and track the results of that ad. Works for Google Analytics and Twitter also (thanks for the suggestion to add this Nathan Hague).

Create a Playlist Online

This used to be part of the Easy Web Video software, but it's so much easier to simply select a few videos within your account, select the "Bulk Action" to "Create Playlist", and you're done.

Multiple Video Management

No need to manage videos one at a time. You can now upload videos in bulk with the new software and manage them in bulk online. Easy, peasy.

Mobile Responsiveness

Our HTML5 smart players respond automatically depending on the device being used to watch the video. This means your video will play back at the optimal screen size - not too big, not too small.

Progressive RTMP Playback

No need to wait for buffering, we've added enterprise-level progressive media servers so your viewers don't have to wait, and they can jump ahead to any part of your video without buffering!

eBay Video Posting

Got something you want to sell on eBay? Sell it with the power of video by posting your Easy Web Video videos directly to your eBay auctions.

Wordpress Video Posting

Got Wordpress? You can post your videos directly to your Wordpress site from your Easy Web Video online control panel.

Video Lightbox

Have a video popup in a cool lightbox style popup with the background greyed out. Easily set a text link or an image to trigger this effective popup.

Video Hover Overlay

Leverage the power of another website by overlaying your video right on top of any other web page. Affiliates love this to promote other people's products effectively, since they can automatically redirect to the web page "beneath" the video when the video ends.

HTTPS Secure Videos

Embed your videos on secure pages with our https-secured embed codes.

Custom Logo

You can brand your videos as your own by adding your own logo to the player itself. When the video is shared YOUR brand is shared.

Facebook Share Gate

You can boost the likes/comments/shares of your content by requiring users to share your video before playback continues.

Easy Social Sharing

Select this option to add Facebook, Twitter, and Email sharing to your videos.

One-Click Facebook Video Comments

Create a stunning video web page with ease and select this option to add Facebook comments beneath that video.

Video Trimming

Trim your video to cut out the bits you want or don't want and overwrite your current video or save as a new video.

Add Pre/Post Videos

Select any video from your account to play before and/or after your main video, like a commercial. We even include some for you to get started.

Easy Video SEO

We'll add your video to a Google Video Sitemap to tell Google exactly what your video is about and where to find it, so your video gets found in search. This all follows Google's recommended best practices for ranking your video content.

Video QR Code

You can place a QR code on any print material easily to have smart phone users easily watch your video on the go.

Video Download

We keep a backup for you on our servers so if you ever lose your videos you don't have to worry, we have you covered.

Videos On All Platforms

Easy Web Video allows videos to be played across all platforms and devices, including mobile and tablets. Go with the innovator!

Hosting Is Included

No complex file transfers or FTP, no expensive hosting charges, plenty of hosting space and bandwidth, and it's push-button simple.

Video Jukebox Option

Easily add multiple videos to one player, with a smooth user experience.

Customize The Player

Change the look and feel of the player to match the colors and design of your website. Makes each video unique without the need to pay an expensive designer.

Email Form Integration (CTA)

Build your mailing list at the speed of light. Easy Web Video can display your opt-in form right inside any video. Compatible with ALL autoresponders like GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft.

Play Videos At Any Size

Easily select the size of the player to suit your needs...NO GEEK REQUIRED.

Add Labels And Hyperlinks

It's easy to overlay clickable links and text onto your videos, and you can even make it clickable to direct people to another website, if you choose.

Automatic Trigger Points

Capture your viewer's attention with images, graphics, calls to actions that magically appear below the video at a predetermined time that you select.

Add A Logo

Brand your videos with a logo or watermark placed wherever you want.

Built-in Video Conversion

Use videos directly from your camcorder. Easy Web Video accepts most file types: AVI, MOV, WMV, QT, MPEG, and converts them so they can be played online.

Manage Your Videos And Players Online

Login to your control panel from anywhere in the world for easy 24/7 access.

Track The Views

The built-in stats automatically track and display the number of views, the length of time they are viewed for, and much more.

Wizard Interface

Follow these steps. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Add A Button

Display a "Buy Now" button at any time during the video, or at the end for total flexibility with your marketing.

Video Web Pages

No need to learn HTML or struggle with any difficult programming. With a click of the mouse you can display your video in a unique video web page. Select from a number of web page templates to give your videos a professional look and feel.

Video E-mail

Choose from a library of professionally created templates and now send your video message in style.

Video Security

You have complete control over where your videos will play and on which web sites you allow them to appear.